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[sticky post] Colours TCG [May. 12th, 2013|03:19 pm]

colors tcg
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player Tibby
joined May 12th, 2013
card count 45
level Red
colors tcg
mastered decks
collect ► Horsebackcollect ►

future decks
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crayonspending trades
trading log
May 12th, 2013: Joined Colours TCG. Received Enjoy 11, Massacre 11, Animajor 03, Boss 01, Alias 12, Natsuo 05, Horseback 12, Horseback 19 as my starter pack. Received a further two cards, Little Puppy 02 and Newton 14. Received Goggles 14, Raison 17, Alone 19 and Archaeology 20 from lovely Gargant. ♥ Ooh, more presents! This time from Fel - Alone 06, Funeral 11, Cowbell 05, Precise 03, University 01 and University 07. ♥
May 14th, 2013: Claimed nine cards from the May release - Venoshock 09, Starling 02, Dranzer 01, Starmiya 05, Balbadd 03, Paramedic 14, High Entia 05, Jet 01 and Origin 01.
May 15th, 2013: Traded Venoshock 09 for Gargant's Jet 14.
May 16th, 2013: Traded Origin 01 for Fel's Jet 06. Gave Balbadd 03 as a gift to Nea.
May 17th, 2013: Received Jet 17, a gift from Nea. Traded Boss 01 and Paramedic 14 for Netbug's Cowbell 20 and Hachiko 11.
May 19th, 2013: Received welcome gifts from Aru: Funeral 08, Funeral 09, Funeral 18, Precise 06, Precise 09 and Precise 15.
May 21st, 2013: Claimed ten cards from Recycled Art: Chainsaw 07, Jo Ajna 02, Jo Ajna 03, Jo Ajna 07, Noble 08, Nude 05, Onion 20, Precise 11, Precise 12, and University 06.
May 22nd, 2013: Won four cards (Actress 14, Beer 10, Norway 01, Sand 08) and a purple crayon in the Beauty Pageant.
May 26th, 2013: Received five cards for playing Pick a Colour: Classical 19, Ink 20, Shannaro 12, Smell 12, and Y-Ko 07. Received three cards for playing Kanji's Quilting: Charm 10, Comnet 06, and Hostess 10.
June 1st, 2013: Traded Enjoy 11 for Netbug's Vocalist 11. Received Nyo 13, Territory 06, and Cowardly 13 for voting in the puzzle deck image contest.
June 3rd, 2013: Traded Cowardly 13 for Lita's Cowbell 02.
coding → replica

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Sherlock Advent: Art - Make a Wish [Dec. 1st, 2012|10:02 am]

Molly/Irene; Make a Wish

Art!Collapse )
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Yuletide Letter [Oct. 16th, 2012|07:42 pm]

My dear Yuletide Angel,

I think I should start with the most important matter; which is, of course, a great big thank you! Your effort and kindness in writing for one of my small fandoms is just fantastic. It’s a shame that I’m now going to repay you by launching into endless paragraphs of excitable fandom chatter. Yes, um, sorry about that… I hope, though, that it might prove useful to you. In the past, I’ve found Yuletide much easier when I’ve been given some clue of what my recipient might like and a few ideas to inspire me. I thought you might feel the same, and that’s all that this information is here for. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you but I feel I should all the same: whatever you write, have fun with it. If you do that, I’m sure I’ll adore it. :3

A few personal preferences:
- When it comes to pairings, I like slash, femslash, het, threesomes, moresomes… Pretty much anything goes. I’ve listed the pairings I like for each fandom and, unless I’ve noted otherwise, you can presume I ‘ship them romantically.
- If pairings aren’t your thing, fear not, I like gen too!
- I think AUs and cross-overs are great, as are cross-over pairings.
- I’d prefer it if you avoided rape scenes or anything sexual involving underage characters. Those are the only things I can think of that I really wouldn’t want to read.

(Spoilers ahead!) 

The FandomsCollapse )

Well then, I think that’s about it. Now all you have to do is write the damn thing. Enjoy yourself!
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Yuletide Letter [Nov. 21st, 2011|05:29 pm]
Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, thank you so much for taking time from your doubtlessly hectic winter schedule to write something in one of my obscure fandoms. I hope that the haemorrhaging of excitable babble that was my sign-up form isn’t looking too daunting to you! When I’m asked to throw out ideas, I can get a little carried away. But I want to assure you that anything I mention is only a suggestion. You’re the one who has to write this thing and the best stories are always the ones that the author has really enjoyed putting together. I don’t want this to be prescriptive and difficult for you. Hopefully, what I’ve written here and on the form will just provide some inspiration, if you need it. I think some people also find it helpful to know what aspects of a particular fandom their recipient likes, so I’m going to put a little bit of that in here too.

Read more...Collapse )

Right, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because I think that’s it! All I can say now is that I hope you have a lot of fun writing. :D
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Fully Functioning Social Beings [Jun. 20th, 2011|07:51 pm]
[Current Mood |nervousnervous]
[Current Music |The Cave; Mumford & Sons]

Well, you don't see a Tibby for five months and then when one comes along, she starts with a massive friends-list cutdown. :/

I've been thinking about this over the past few days. It started with me asking myself the question, "When did larking about on the internet stop being fun?" I've avoided LJ, Tumblr and Plurk for the past few months because using them has led to more anxiety than enjoyment. I've always worried a lot about what I'm saying, who I'm saying it to, and what people will think of it, but lately it's been a bit ridiculous. I'm all too aware of how fundamentally ridiculous it is. But that's undeniably the way I feel. And, instead of attempting to blunder through, I think the time has come to handle things differently.

I've removed everyone except the people I most want to keep in touch with. This journal is primarily for them now. It's also for me to post about my silly, fannish enthusiasms or the boring things I do with my days with minimum regrets. I would love to be more involved with fandom and various communities but that's a lot more than I can commit to. Right now, I just want to be around the friends I feel comfortable with.

If I've removed you, please don't take it personally. Chances are, I think you're awesome but I just don't know you well enough. I hope you'll understand that.

And always remember - I left you with the gift of Andrew Scott and Tom Burke holding hands. ♥~
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Jupiter's Cock! [Jan. 24th, 2011|05:30 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]
[Current Music |Shoot Your Gun ~ 22-20s]

Considering that waking up early on a Saturday to take a two hour train journey to a five hour tutorial, whilst not the worst situation in the world, isn't normally deemed pleasant, I've had a pretty fantastic weekend. :D

I had a delightful travelling companion, for a start. gargantsurprise  came along because her kindness borders on psychosis. We were supposed to catch a train at 8.30 but we stood on the wrong platform for about ten minutes, wondering why the train doors weren't open yet. Our mistake only occured to us as we watched, with slowly dawning realisation, our own train chug leisurely out of the station.

Fortunately, I had bought all-day tickets for both of us so, ten or fifteen minutes later, we caught the train we were actually standing outside of.

I spent most of the day in a classroom, learning about what Wordsworth thought about hills. This was fine by me because I love Romantic poets. My only complaint would be that I wish people talked about Dorothy Wordsworth more - I get the feeling that I'd like her immensely, I don't know why. Maybe I should look up some books about her... Anyway, we read, among other things, "There is an eminence..." which I adore.

After I'd finished the tutorial, I went back to the city centre to meet up with Jessie. She'd spent the day buying Booster Gold comics and visiting Rose and Jenny at her house. It was getting close to the shops' closing time but we managed to get to a comic shop (where I bought a few issues of Birds of Prey, and got annoyed that Batman was on the cover of one of them when it wasn't even his comic. Goddamnit Batman.) Then we bought food from Burger King because it's traditional and caught the train home. We were bored on the train so we decided to play M.A.S.H., of all things. You know, the fortune telling game? We both ended up with horrendous destinies. Jessie is going to be a robot married to Usher (Usher Usher) and I am going to live a life of servitude with Olly Murs. *Cold shivers.*

But the best part of the day was yet to come! Oho, yes. And this is where I confess that I... love Spartacus: Blood and Sand. A few people are already aware of that. If you don't know what it is, it's an American series about... Well, I'm guessing you've heard of Spartacus. I only started watching it because Charlie Brooker talked about the first episode once, and the gratuitous sex and violence looked funnily overblown. But that was all a terrible trick! How was I to know that it would be engaging and well-written? I say Spartacus is a really good show, and I honestly believe it. It also has gratuitous sex and violence, and enough inventive swearing to make Malcolm Tucker jealous.

The prequel, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, has just started, so Jessie and I downloaded the first episode on Saturday night. In an embarrassing state of excitement. Oh, it is so good. You should all watch it. If you are old enough to be watching that kind of thing. I love all the characters, but Batiatus and Lucretia have to be my favourites. I've finally decided. They're terrible people. Terrible people in love.

That's Batiatus (John Hannah! <3), but not with Lucretia. I just wanted to use this picture because it's adorable.

And now, in other Good News:

- westminster_son  is coming to the UK in March! We are making excellent cunning plans for exploring London. These involve visiting Southwark Cathedral in honour of our beloved Lazarus. Seeing as Mark Gatiss was pretty much the foundation of our friendship, it seems appropriate!

- I finally saw Fry and Laurie: Reunited! Apart from being amazingly cute and amazingly amazing(ton), it has also convinced me that Stugh is the one RPS pairing I just can't quit. Really, Stephen if you're always going to qualify "I don't fancy Hugh" with "But he is very handsome!" I am just going to have to not believe you. Slightly more worryingly, I feel like I'm starting to 'ship Stephen Fry with Daniel Radcliffe. He just seems to be such a big fanboy.

- Somehow, I am going to see so many plays over the next month. First Spamalot, then The History Boys (both for the second time, I know, but I couldn't resist) and finishing off with Rory Kinnear in Hamlet. I feel like I've been waiting years for something good to come to the local theatre (where we're so culturally backward that Dylan Moran, on a rare visit, once accused us of gathering in the centre of town to suck on a moose on a Saturday night). Now three come along at once!

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23 [Jan. 8th, 2011|01:53 am]
[Current Mood |optimisticoptimistic]

Somehow, no matter how nice a time I have, I always seem to get depressed on the days around my birthday. And I have had a genuinely nice time; I've just been depressed as well. And fretting because I'm so old now. Every new year, I realise that I am too old and it was much better a few days ago when I was less old. It doesn't make any sense, but I always go through it.

I think I've made it through now. Of course, now that things are getting back to normal I have a ton of studying to catch up on yet again. But I also have shiny new presents to keep me happy. :B

- The Complete Hornblower boxset, from mater et pater. (I am going to watch so much Hornblower. So much. Do you know how glorious this series is? Do you have any idea how many ships are in it?)
- A purse and some money from my sister.
-A bag and some cute badges from my brother and sister-in-law.
-A piece of foam from my one-year-old niece.
- A Keep Calm and Carry On diary (with moon phases!) and an amazing (and appropriate) Peep Show calendar from Jez.
- Scott Pilgrim vs. the World on DVD from Drew.
- The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows, and Belle & Sebastian's Write About Love from Xanya. <3
- A photo frame from one of my cousins.

I have a few new year's resolutions as well. I probably should have thought up something more precise, but these ones cover a range of my sins. :P

Do better.
Be kinder.
Be happier.

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2011 [Jan. 1st, 2011|12:16 am]
[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]
[Current Music |Only You ~ Yazoo]

Welcome to 2011 everyone!

Of course, many of you will have been happily settled in 2011 for a little while now, and many will still have to wait a few hours. But adjust the time settings of the sentiment accordingly. :D I hope you can all look forward to a New Year full of potential and wonderful, exciting possibilities. You chaps deserve nothing less.

My Christmas was a mixed bag... I had a lovely time celebrating it with my friends first, and then my family at my sister's place. There was a lot of good food. I got to spend most of Christmas day with my 43-year-old brother, playing with my nephew's new Lego. It was a bit fiddly, so we had to help him build his train track and station. I missed the Doctor Who Special but thankfully I caught up with it the next day - and liked it a lot. I had many brilliant presents, and many brilliant cards, for which I must thank people now. You're all darlings, and I will get 'round to thanking you individually. (Jez, I can't wait to read about Oscar Wilde and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fighting crime together!) There was some bad news amongst all that, but I won't talk about it here.

Oh, and Yuletide gave me this adorable Cabin Pressure fic, for which I am also tremendously grateful.

I've had to send my computer away to be fixed, as it periodically stopped charging and eventually couldn't be persuaded to start again. I ended up having to use three different computers to get my last OU assignment finished. I think I might have an equivalent of the Chinnery curse - perhaps I'm fated to become a terrible I.T. drudge. Anyway, it means that I'm currently using my parents' deathly slow laptop. I don't think it could take AIM, but if anyone wants to chat and/or write fic tonight, I'll probably be found on tibby_schlegel.

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Everywhere that you find love, it feels like Christmas~ [Nov. 14th, 2010|08:29 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

A Co-Op advert has reliably informed me that Christmas is fast approaching. Which is exciting! So, I am here to ask whether any of you would like the privilege of your very own Christmas card. From none other than me. Signed using a pen. That I have personally held.

I'd love to send you each a card, so if you want one, just comment and say so! Or, if I don't already have your address, an e-mail might be a better idea. I don't know if I'll be hand-drawing the cards yet, or whether I'll just draw a little something inside each one. I'll try to make them a bit special, somehow. Oh, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, I can send you a nice non-Christmassy card anyway. I just like sending things, really.

PS On a completely unrelated note, I recommend the blog of Mr. John Finnemore. It makes me giggle.
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Reasons To Be Cheerful [Oct. 16th, 2010|01:37 pm]
[Current Mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[Current Music |Rock Me Amadeus ~ Falco]

1. I went into a toy shop to look for Christmas presents and decided it would be a good idea to rearrange the Doctor Who figures so that the Doctor and the Master could stand next to each other. And if pairing-coordinated toy displays can't make me happy, nothing can.

2. Today is Oscar Wilde's 156th birthday. Happy Birthday, Oscar!

3. I now own a huge copy of To the Ends of the Earth with a beautiful cover.

4. First Men in the Moon! Why can't it be Tuesday already? I think, in the spirit of H. G. Wells, the BBC should bring Tuesday forward by a few days.

5. I am going to the London MCM Expo after all. :D I know I said that I really didn't have enough money to go, but then gargantsurprise  said that if I couldn't afford it, she'd jolly well pay for me. I didn't want her to do that, so I thought of whether I could do it, and then I received payment for some illustrations, and the whole idea started to seem more feasible. So I'm, supposedly, working this to a budget. Except that I got a bit over-excited and bought tickets to see Design For Living at the Old Vic as well. (Maybe I could have a stricter budget...) Hopefully, I'm going to be in costume as Nina Einstein from Code Geass. Those of you who know my opinions on Code Geass may be wondering why I am doing this. Well, it may be an awful series in general, but there are some good characters within that awfulness. And gargantsurprise, withintent  and I wanted to do a group that we all knew and liked. So we're going to be Nina, Milly and Shirley. If I can sew fast enough. My back up plan is Arthur Dent. If you're going to be at the con too, look out for either this:

Or a female version of either one of these two:


And I will say, "Hullo!" and smile inanely at you. :3

6. I applied for a proper, paid job at the Tate St. Ives (as a 'visitor assistant'). There's no saying whether I'll even get an interview at this point, but let's hope!

7. I have lots of things that I could put here, but I can't think of any one thing in particular to interest you. (As if the other things were interesting...) I just wanted to finish here because I like the number seven.

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